Monday, June 4, 2012

June 2012 Newslettter

Greetings June! We're ready for you, but first a look back on May. We are really coming together as a group and have enjoyed this past month with new discoveries, outings, and group activities. The first week of May was so busy, we took advantage of the free days at the San Francisco Zoo, Academy of Science, and the Bay Area Discovery Museum. We have met and feed the goslings at Stow Lake. Enjoyed sunny warms days at the playground and on the deck, and are using all of our senses on walks around the neighborhood. Take a look...

Mateo and Sigal at the San Francisco Zoo
Look! A Hippo


Fitting in with the cubs

Claire, Sigal and Mateo at the Academy of Science
Turn on the sink

Having Fun!

Hmm, what's in here?

Up the stairs, down the stairs
Row Row Row your Boat...

Fun Outdoors
Sigal and Mateo examine flowers

Chalk fun
Mateo and Claire on drums

Claire practicing with keys

Sigal and Mateo holding hands for a walk

Sigal, Mateo and Claire being nice w/ the flowers
Play Time Indoors

Always on the move
Mateo and Sigal with the Little People Town

Snack for all

Watching the top spin

Sigal as happy as a bee

Concentrating on cutting
Working together
The art of steering
Sienna loves snack
Claire learning how to maneuver over gate

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