Wednesday, February 3, 2016

February 2016 Newsletter


Important Dates to Remember: 

  • Monday, Feb. 8th - Closed for Lunar New Year
  • Monday, Feb 15th - Closed for President's Day
  • Tuesday, Feb 16th - Casper's 1st Birthday Party

We are really excited about our new students! Our Buddy, Casper, has already spent a few days with us and seems to be having no problem exploring our environment and getting to know his new friends. Although the kids are over the moon about the babies, we have been practicing some helpful ways to work around them and picking up ques on when they have had too many hugs and kisses. We have spoken about Anna and Mila moving on to Preschool and about our new friends being with us instead, however, we should expect some transition in our new group dynamic as well. You might have noticed that our project/lesson calendar is a bit different. We will be lighting up those little light bulbs within the babies while challenging the bigger kids as we have always done. Stay tuned and keep your eyes open for the new little faces!

Snap Shots from January: