Thursday, July 14, 2011

August 2011 Newsletter

August 2011 Newsletter

Camila playing in the pool.
 I am so pleased to present you with Little Foot's 1st newsletter! This Month we look forward to enjoying some summer fun. We will take advantage of our outdoor play area even if it means putting on a coat, so don't forget your sun hat! We plan to have fun with water play and explore with finger paints.

Good work to our Little Ones for working so hard on cutting new teeth. Congratulations Camila on your 1st tooth! Congratulations to Mateo on your 1st Molar! All the pain, fever, and rough nights have certainly paid of with your new pearly whites. Don't forget to brush.


Peek-A-Boo! I see you!
We have really been working on our gross motor skills with our new discovery of walking. We were introduced to a long tunnel to promote spacial awareness and achevment as we get from one end of the tunnel to the other. With all this drizzly weather we have brought the outdoor play in with a slide. We are learning to climb, slide, squeeze through small spaces and take turns.

Mateo giving Camila ger cup to drink from.
 Speaking of taking turns we are getting along so well. We've recently engaged in the early stages of sharing! We can play with the same thing and pass them back and forth to one another happily. Puzzles are so much fun. We discovered how to play in sequence by dumping out all the pieces and trying to get them back to where they should be. We've discovered how helpful we can be by picking up food we've thrown off the high chair and putting away a few toys at clean up time. We're still far from doing the dishes or taking out the trash though, Ha ha ha.

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