Thursday, August 28, 2014

September 2014 Newsletter

Luna, the Sign In/Out gate keeper.

Our newsletter this month reflects on July and August. It's the end of a school year and the beginning of a new one and we have some updates to share with you. Starting the first week of September we have two new friends starting, Saparya and Juliet!

Important Dates to Remember:
  • Monday, Sept. 1st - Closed for labor Day
  • Thursday, Sept. 4th - Anna's 2nd Birthday, 4pm party at school!
At the end of July we said good-bye to our friends Claire, Sienna and Mateo. On graduation day we had blast by playing a Lego board Game, making Lemon Poppy Cupcakes and sharing hugs a kisses. We wish our friends the best of luck with this new transition and hope they we see them again in the future. Here is a peak at some good times before our Summer Break.

Chase, Anna & Mila cooking together.

Sienna putting her babies to bed.

Mateo & Chase shooting baskets.

Claire & Mateo taking turns tracing each other's hand.

Painting with cars.

Sydney visits us.

The girls working their puzzle magic.

Sienna creating a pattern.

Chase & Mila singing with the musical puzzle.
Mila adding color to our Milk Experiment

Sienna's turn...

Now Claire's...

Then we add soap!

Tyson loved it!

Graduation Day:
Best Buddies, since 5m and 1yr olds

Getting their sillies out!


And Kisses!

Game Time!

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August has been such a short month for us. I hope that everyone had a great Summer Break visiting home towns, family, and just taking a break from reality. We started this school year out with the letters A & B and two friends who came to play with us for a week, Tyson and his good friend Ayla. It has been such a pleasure to have them join us. They were really excited to join us and have been having such a good time, we will miss them when they return to school. We do, however, have some new faces joining us and we can't wait for them to start! Saparya, who we call Jumper will be with us a few short days and a few full days a week. Juliet will be joining us for drop in when our schedule allow for another friend to join.

With this new year's schedule we are having less of our friends come on Fridays. Starting in September,
Music Classes will be held on the first and third Wednesday of every month at 9:30 AM. Please arrive by 9:15. We have made a request for Thursdays so that everyone can participate, in that case Music would be moved from Wednesdays to Thursdays. Will we keep you posted.

Here are a few moments captured this month:

Working on patterns

He's really good with this puzzle.

A is for Apple!

Using apple slices as stamps.

Choo Choo!

Water play for Mila, Ayla & Tyson

My Girls!