Wednesday, August 28, 2013

September's 2013 Newsletter

A little Side Walk Yoga by Sydney
Can you believe that it's September already? We don't either. It's been awhile since our last newsletter and so much has happened since. There are way too many photos to share with you for those last few months, that we weren't about to use my lab top but it has been fixed and, we are happy to update you on what has happened.

Tyson scooting on the car like a scooter! 

Important Dates to Remember:                             

  • Monday, Sept. 2nd - Closed for Labor Day
  • Thursday, Sept. 26th - Claire's 3rd birthday! 


First, Graduation. Thursday July 18th, Mateo and Sigal graduated from Kimberly's Little Foot Day Care. We decorated by hanging streamers in the doorways, up on the ceiling, and walls. We had balloons, posters for the graduates, and hung butterflies made by the children. It was a pretty exciting day, it was also Sigal's last day with us. We invited all of the Little Foot families for this special event. Maacah, Sigal's Mom, prepared a healthy snack for the kids. We had a short ceremony where the kids climbed through a tunnel during a butterfly poem to receive their diploma, courtesy of Dina, Kazu's Mom. It was great having everyone together. Who needs "good-bye"s when "see you laters" are even better. We wish Sigal and her family all the best!

Sigal at 18 months old
Sigal 2 months shy of 3 yrs. old

Mateo at 9 Months old
 Mateo started attending Little Bear School, a preschool I taught at for 5 years, in August for 3 days a week. He is with us for 2 days and is still getting used to it. He still identifies himself as an authoritative figure and we are slowly working on that. I'm really excited that he's at Little Bear, it's such a great school, and I can't wait for all the fun he'll have and friends he'll make there.

Last week of Day Care together
Unexpectedly, three of our students got a call from a Preschool they were on waiting list for, for next year. Syndey, Tyson and Claire will be attending the same program in September or October. We are saddened by their early departure but it gets their foot in the door to the preschool program next year. This opens up three spots at Little Foot.

We have so much fun and these three have had so much growth in the past year. We are really going to miss them. We are really confident that they are ready and will do well with this next step in their lives, we hope that their transition is smooth, and that we keep in touch.

Watching a motorcyclist drive away
One of her favorite activities.
Mila, 13 months, just started in August and we are already in love with her. She adjusted really well, keeping close her first week. She loves playing with Kazu and exploring our environment. She eats really well, has quickly moved from 2 naps to just 1, and likes her routine. She is very excited about our cat Luna, enjoys being around the other children, and is already responding to the English language; her spoken language at home is German.

Kazu has been working on improving his leg muscles, he has been walking longer and longer distances, usually 6-8 steps in a row. He is currently teaching with his first set of molars, all at the same time. He is really trying to communicate verbally and likes to babble and point at things. I swear I heard him say "look, eyes" today, but it could just be wishful thinking although I'm sure words are just right around the corner. His sign language skill are getting better and we understand what he is trying to communicate. He is very intelligent and follows and listen to instructions very well. He is very sweet, affectionate and inquisitive.

Hugs for Claire!
Claire, everyone loves Claire. As you can see from this picture everyone is taking turns to show her some love. Claire has a great imagination and she often gives us great ideas. She is very much into pretending that she is an animal, usually a cat, bird or fish when she is with us. We have been exploring the habitats, foods, behaviors, descriptions, and type of animals these are. Claire is very purposeful in her play and has a difficult time understanding that the babies aren't actually aware that they are getting in her space or disrupting her play. She is a magnet and the other kids truly adore her. Claire has been potty trained for the last two months. September will be her last month with us.

Here is a glimpse of what we've been up to the last month or two:

Sydney's 2nd Birthday
Cookie Monster Cupcakes made by Mom
Birthday Girl!


It was a Chalk and Paint kinda day

Fun Outdoors

Fun Indoors