Tuesday, July 1, 2014

July 2014 Newsletter

Jam Session!
It's finally summer, yay! I hope all of your vacation planning and trips are going well. It has been a light month here at Little Foot. It's really given the kids a chance to make some strong friendships and we have definitely noticed some growth.

Important Dates to Remember:
  • Tues., July 1st - Mila's 2nd Birthday Party
  • Fri., July 4th - Closed for 4th of July

We started out this month with a stick scavenger hunt. Although it was really foggy, it turned out to be such a great trip, perfect for pictures.

We had a little hike to our destination and when we arrived it was magical. The kids were really happy and excited to be able to pick up sticks, we usually keep them on the ground. They were really helpful collecting them and them storing them in basket of our stroller. The baby, not pictured, was excited to watch the two bigger kids explore their surroundings, make leaps off higher surfaces, and run through the grass and flowers. It was really cute to watch them check in with him offer him happy hugs. They also got to take turns and push him in the stroller. What a precious day!

So what did we end up doing with all those sticks we collected? We made trees! Check them out.

 Ice Painting

Sprinkle salt onto ice cubes, we did it while the cubes were still in the ice tray. Wait for the salt to melt the ice creating little pools of water on the tops of them. Have the kids put a drop or two of food coloring on to the top of the ice cube and give them the ice to use on paper.

I was pretty giggly during this project. Their initial reaction to how cold and wet the material they were give, was really funny. Some of the kids really didn't like it while others were pretty interested in how they would be able to paint with it.

Cloud Dough...?

We really don't understand why this dough is called cloud dough. It is very crumbly and only molds when you put pressure on it. If we could rename this dough it would be Sand Dough. We used wheat flour and oil. It was very simple to make but the kids were a little confused after the ingredients were mixed together, I'm pretty sure they were looking for something more like paly dough, but non-the-less had fun touching it and dumping it out of the sand table. This dough, by experience, is definitely an outdoor dough.
Keep the broom handy : D

Shaving Cream!

Good Times: