Monday, October 29, 2012

November 2012 Newsletter

We've been awfully busy this past month with our first month of music class, outdoor activities, Halloween projects, play, and socializing. We can't wait to get started with some Fall activities. Here, let's share some fun snap shots with you...

Claire, Sienna, Kimberly w/ Kazu & Mateo

Important Dates to Remember:

  • Sun. Nov. 4th, Day Light Savings Ends, Fall Back 1 hour
  • Wed. Nov. 7th, Tyson's 1st Birthday!
  • Mon. Nov. 12th, Closed for Veteran's Day
  • Wed.-Fri. Nov. 21st-23rd, Closed for Thanksgiving Break

All About Kazu:

Kazu is 5 month now. He is going through a growth spurt right now, and is drinking and sleeping a bunch. He just started solid food this month and loves it, we've doubled his serving since he had his first taste and is keeping most of it in his mouth now. He can roll from front to back and is learning to enjoy tummy time. His head and neck control is getting stronger and he will sometimes insist on sitting up (with help, of course). All the kids love him and offer him toys all time. He enjoys their company and their thoughtfulness but hates to be touched on the face but will now tolerate a gentle pat on the head. He has just started to babble during music time!
Yay, it's Lunch Time!

Tummy Time

Music Time

On the Hayride at the Pumpkin Patch!

All About Tyson:

Mr. T has been battling am awful cold, so he's been really sensitive and clingy, but when he's happy and busy he sure can keep on smile on your face and his. He has a lot of favorites: a blue sparkly ball, a brown beetle, a cup and spoon or fork that he usually matches in color, and Super Hero Me by Karen Katz. Tyson is really getting around well on his feet, he's is easily thrown off balance but will be running in no time. He is interested in everyone else's cup and will sample from ones he can get a hold of. He is starting to make animal noises: meow, woof, moo, an elephant, ribbit. And can also say: Hello, Da-Da, What sounds like all done and down. Every so often he surprises us by repeating what we say. And can make the sign for: more, all done and down.

Filing up a backpack
Stirring up a brew

With a friend during Music Class
In the Sand Box

Shake Shake Shak
Fun with playdough

Relocating a locomotive
Playing with insects

On the Hayride!

All About Sienna:

Sienna is 19 months and is definitely asserting her independence. She has quite the personality and is really nurturing and caring. She is still in her dumping phase, I call her my little tazmanian devil because she is really fast. She is such a little social bug, when she's not busy concerned about unattended cups, she really wants to be engage in play with a friend. She is still working on initiating play, she wants it so badly but sometimes the other kids feel that she is a little too assertive. She loves to hold hands with the girls and is really physical. Her new game is to pop wheelies on the push car despite my concerns for her safety. She is constantly checking on the babies and trying to be helpful.
On the slide with Claire
I want this one!

Getting all wet washing the toys
Playing with playdough
Spinning a top
Going through a tunnel

All About Claire:

25 Month old, Claire is learning how to spoon feed herself, she was just introduced to the sipping food pouches and is really excited about tasting whole foods. She enjoys eating cheese, slices of peach, bananas, and grapes. Claire also discovered the joys of dancing and I just started to hear here sing. Although, She enjoys the company of others around her and being included in what is going on, Claire prefers to play quietly on her own without interruption. Which is very attractive to the other children who are constantly trying to get her attention, as you can see ; )
Playing with playdough
Ready, 1, 2, 3, Go!

Rise and Shine Little Ones!
3, 2, 1, Blast 
The joys of baby seats
 Doctor Claire

With Daddy at the Pumpkin Patch
Music Class

All About Sigal:

Sigal is almost 26 Months old, and is a very involved little girl. When she's not attending to the babies or playing with her friends, she's either singing or reading a book. There are many things that Sigal enjoys doing and most importantly doing it herself. She is talking so much now and loves telling stories.
Going through a tunnel

At the Pumpkin Patch

Holding hands with Claire
Looking at the turkeys and bunnies
Waiting for the ghost to pop out with Tay

All About Mateo:

 Mr. Tay is 29 Months and is being very assertive, a little too much for my taste. But here we go again, another 2 year phase that I could live without. When he's not being a booger he is checking on everyone, being helpful, and having fun. He loves to play, alone and with someone else but is happiest when he is playing with everyone; which can be really hard to do when others aren't as willing. He is very curious about the world around him and how everything works. He loves music class, dancing, books, and is trying out singing. His vocabulary seems to have doubled in the last month and once you get him going it's hard to get him to stop.

Rollie pollies!
In the sand box with Sienna
Playing with playdough
Playing with the boys
On the Hayride at the Pumpkin Patch
What's in there?

Zoom Zoom!