Wednesday, September 28, 2011

October 2011 Newsletter

A walk around Stow Lake.

Fall is here, the weather will soon be changing, green leaves will turn yellow, red, and brown, it'll start to get dark earlier, and Halloween is just around the corner. As the season changes, we here at Little Foot, will also go through some changes, too. It's Camila's last month with us and we will miss her dearly. She will embark on her new life in Panama! Aren't we jealous? Before she leaves she will help us welcome 5 month old Shane and enjoy the festivities of Halloween.

Important Dates to Remember:
  • Monday, Oct. 10th-Closed for Columbus/Indigenous People's Day
  • Friday, Oct 21st-Closed for Mateo's surgery
  • Thursday, Oct. 27th-Kimberly's 29th Birthday!
  • Monday, Oct. 31st-Halloween

Welcome Shane to Little Foot Daycare!

 This month we look forward to getting to know 5 month old Shane and making him comfortable. Shane will join us on a Tuesday or Thursday and sometimes both. I can't wait for Shane and Sienna to meet, I just know that they will become good friends. Mateo and Camila have already had the pleasure of meeting this future fireman and think he's really cool. 

Just recently I learned that my "waiting-to-be-assistant" has made some changes of her own. Lauren quit her job in Noe Valley and has moved to Sonoma. I'm not sure what the future holds for her but I wish her well. What does this mean for Little Foot Daycare? I am unable to hire an assistant at this time, but plan to hire one in the future when enrollment is up to capacity, I need help, and can afford to hire. I have a total of 4 children enrolled at this time (including Mateo) all under 24 months old 2 days a week. I can legally have only 4 under 24 months on a day. However, I currently have 3 days available so I may enroll some new children or at least 1 so that Mateo has a playmate in his age group. Taking our daily walk this month might be tricky when I have all four; I may have a neighbor who is willing to assist us. If worst comes to worst we may have to take a loss on our walk a few times this month.
6 Month old Sienna has made a fine adjustment. She is a very happy go lucky baby and is really happy to be around Mateo and Camila. They are learning how to be gentle with her and constantly offer her toys, check on her, and give her pats on the back. Sienna is also really interested in the older kids as well as the cats. She watches intently as they babble and tries to join in on the conversation. She loves to spend most of her time on her tummy, like an airplane, and is very fast. One minute she is happily playing in one direction and in the blink of an eye she is facing the opposite direction. She is working on sitting with assistance.

At the Children's Playground in Golden Gate Park.
Camila and Mateo have been so busy. Their new favorite game is to run away and be chased. I am so lucky that we don't play that game in the street! They definitely want to do everything for themselves right now and it can be a very frustrating situation if they get help they don't want. I have been respecting their request and encouraging them to keep at it, it can be a real struggle otherwise. They have been getting along so much better this past month. They are learning how to communicate alittle better with each other and will shake their head "no" when they don't like something the other one is doing. They continue to occasionally share, offer each other food and toys, sit together and look at books, dance and do art. They have become aware of sirens and all things that fly in the sky, even the public emergency alarm that goes off at noon on Tuesdays. Whenever they hear one they stop and listen. We sometimes run outside to spot the plane, helicopter or bird and then we try to imitate the sound that we hear. We have been so lucky to have a flock of parrots fly by, hang out on the trees, and play on the wires.

The SFPOA ( San Francisco Police Officers Association) has asked us for support. On Sunday, December 18th at 1pm they will present their annual "Parade Of Stars" show at the McKenna Theatre at S.F State University. We have been given the opportunity to attend the show with a purchased ticket of $40 admitting 5 or we can make a donation to send a less fortunate family by donating $10. Let's show our appreciation for San Francisco police officers and support their efforts to give back to children in the Bay Area. Please make your contribution with me!

Are you ready to go for a walk? I think so, do I have to wear this hat?