Friday, September 11, 2015

September 2015 Newsletter

Children remember to stop and smell the roses. They also watch planes move across the sky and butterflies get lost within the leaves of big trees.
Every single thing they do is an opportunity for them to learn about the world they are a part of. Each experience they have shapes their perspective which ultimately defines their character as a human being upon this lovely earth.
We understand that there is nothing more important to you than making sure that your child receives everything they need to become the best version of themselves. We hope that you find comfort every day in sending them through Kimberley’s front door into a home away from home.
While your little ones are at daycare they are constantly being supported into bringing their daydreams to life through inventing their own games, learning what it means to be a good friend, and being praised for their individuality!
The time has come for Kimberley and I to work together. We will be welcoming your children into adventurous mornings and then sending them home in the evenings with full hearts and a little more understanding than they had the day before.
She and I never had the opportunity to work together before her maternity leave, but in just these first couple of days together I am standing witness to the blossoming of the truly incredible team she and I will make.
Each person has a different purpose for their life. Kimberley and I have both made very conscious decisions to keep an innocent perspective as we maneuver through this world. We have chosen to nourish our gentle nature and with a loving approach to everything we do; your children’s well-being is one of the top priorities in both our lives. We so eagerly invite each of them into our arms and into our hearts.
Kimberley has been working with children for more than ten years and her patience and kindness towards our small group is truly mesmerizing. All of the kids wholeheartedly trust her and believe in her to be their leader. I am so thankful to have her presence back within our day to day experiences.
I had very large shoes to fill while Kimberley was away and of course I could never run her daycare the way that only she can. I would like to take this opportunity to thank each of you for being so understanding during all of the changes that have taken place over the past few months. I genuinely appreciate everyone’s support as you welcomed me into your child’s everyday life. 
As we move forward, with everything in its place at Little Foot, you can begin to feel at ease with the consistency of the teachers schedules. Kimberly and I will be in the classroom Monday through Thursday and for the time being LaLa will be subbing in for Kim on Fridays! You will primarily see me for drop-offs and pick-ups because as a mother herself Kim too has to pick-up and drop-off Mateo.  
Kimberley is once again creating the calendar and so you can count on the projects, field-trips, and activities being very balanced. Oh the places we will go!
This monthly newsletter is remaining my responsibility. While I was finding my groove within this community, and during all of the changes that were consistently taking place; I found it most beneficial to use this blog as the space to explain the thoughts and actions that were happening from within. I will continue to keep you updated on the overall atmosphere of your child's daycare. However, now that everything feels at peace I would like to begin stepping back during the day and taking close-ups of the special moments your child is having while at school.
Every day I watch magic light-up within your little ones eyes. Whether it is excitement from learning something new or climbing to new heights at the playground; I see them growing towards their potential.
It will be my pleasure to show you all of the incredible things they dream-up while they're here at their home away from home!
Here are a few shots from our small August group:

On one of our afternoon walks the girls stopped to smell roses!

They also took a few moments to check out the view!

Follow the magic Saparya!

It was so beautiful to catch these girls in a brief moment of contemplation while they watched the playground from above

The best-est of friends!

Hard at work!

Powerful Little Saparya 


The Pigtail Princess 

 The Amazing Anna Banana

Precious Mila


Take care and we will see you soon!