Monday, December 2, 2013

December's 2013 Newsletter

Greetings Everyone, we've made it to December! Tis the season for our bellies to be fuller, our clothing to be warmer, and our pockets to be a bit thinner, LOL. As the years go by and the Holidays creep up sooner and sooner it gets me to thinking about what it is about the Holidays that I truly want to instill in my child, is it the gift giving, the joy of receiving, the mad rush we make from giving thanks for what we have to then selfishly fighting for the best deal? No, not for me. I think that the most important thing to remember is that we need each other and I hope that we are teaching our children the value of giving, sharing, and loving. Let's remember that time, being together, love, patience, and memories can't be bought. Happy Holidays!

Important Dates to Remember:

  • Mon. Dec. 24th- Fri. Jan. 3rd - Closed for Winter Break
This past month we spent a lot of time playing in small groups. This level of social interaction has strengthened bonds, encouraged team work, and has allowed time for some really sweet affectionate hugs and kisses. We were able to visit the Zoo, Recess, the playground and Stow Lake. Learned a little bit about Thanksgiving and what it means to be "Thankful" (a concept that not easy to teach to the youngens) and enjoyed some sensory play and crafts.

Here are a few snap shots:


Pretend sleep over.

T is for Tee Pee

Playing in the tunnel.

Having a pow wow.

Practicing his rhythm

Learning how to work keys.

Kazu really likes this toy, Mila wants to play too.

Time for hair cuts and styling~
Stylist in the making.

Mateo's Turn

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Are you next?
Sensory Pumpkin Pie Activity~
First you mix food coloring with unscented shaving cream

Then you add pumpkin pie spices

Time to scoop it out...

and make pies!

At The Zoo~
The new playground is awesome!

Sienna and Mateo have been inseparable.

One of the many tunnels Kazu explored.

Kazu's favorite this trip

At The Lake~
A scenic view and quick bite to eat before we feed the Ducks.

Mila's view of the waterfall and Chinese Pavilion.

Sienna in front of the waterfall and Chinese Pavilion.

Kazu excited about feeding the pigeons.

Mila preferred to sit back and enjoy the sites, feet up!
At Recess~
The teething life is rough.

She is getting really good at climbing!

Beep Beep!

Sienna's favorite, I really wanted to play here too!