Tuesday, November 22, 2011

December's Very Short and Sweet Newsletter

Hello Everybody,i'm having some difficulties with my lab top and am forced to use my new iPhone for all of my Internet needs, so I do apologize for this very short and sweet newsletter. Please take note of our Winter Break and New Year's Recup. Day feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns regarding this very long hibernation. Happy Holidays!

Important Dates To Remember:

Closed for Winter Break/New Year's Recup. Day: Mon. Dec. 19th - Mon. Jan. 2nd

Mateo Updates:
He is learning the colors in Sign Language and we are also adding some animals into the mix, too. He is finding the music in everything these days and has really impressed us with his dancing skills. Must be the puerto rican in him :D I can tell that he really misses his playmate and is manifesting that loss of play into more envolvement with the two little ones.

Sienna updates:
This little ones is getting around and into whatever she can get her little hands on. She is very comfortable sitting up and is now twisting and turning. She has even started to rock back and forth on her knees!

Shane's Updates:
Shane's eye - hand coordination has really impressed me all of a sudden. He is also strengthing his core and holding himself up better with a nice long back. He's personality is really starting to shine through now that he is really engaging and interacting. He's really taking a liking to Mateo.