Thursday, July 2, 2015

July 2015 Newsletter

Important dates to remember:

July 3rd - School is closed for the 4th of July
July 6th-20th – Summer Break

Celebration was in the air during the month of June!

We put up balloons and streamers, sang happy birthday dozens of times, and ate yummy treats to make Dylan’s 1st birthday and Juliet’s 2nd birthday feel extra special for them.

We hope that you all enjoyed Father’s Day with your loved ones. We certainly had a wonderful time turning everyone’s cute little feet into a present for their Dad’s.  All of the kids were very excited to paint their toes, decorate their cards, and talk about how much they love their Daddies!

We also said farewell to Chase during the month of June. In Kimberley’s living room Chase entered the tunnel as a caterpillar and reemerged on the other side as a beautiful butterfly, graduated from daycare and ready to take flight into his future.

There is no doubt that we will miss Chase’s gentle heart and sweet smile. We will also miss his performances where he would make himself a stage and sing and dance for all of us. I am sure that we can all envision the greatness that lies ahead for that full of life little boy! 

Although we are sad to see him go we send our warmest wishes with him into his next adventure.

During June our group also made two outings to the playground, spent many sun filled afternoons on the deck, created many unique projects, and learned about nature while on our field-trips to The Academy of Sciences and The Zoo.

Junes Activities...

The Kids have been playing a game where they run and hide from the tiger. 
On this particular day they became the tiger...


Look at the tower that Mila and Anna built!
With just a little help from LaLa :)

How amazing is this picture!
Anna laughs with her entire body,
Her joyful attitude is absolutely contagious.
Thanks for being such a great example to us all Anna!

Lala and I are interested in starting to bake with the kids regularly.
For our first attempt we made sugar cookies which turned out really well.
For pictures sake only, we let Dylan marvel at a plate full of cookies, so cute! 

And please rest assured Mommies and Daddies,
Once we do begin baking we will be making healthy treats, made with organic ingredients.
The kids will then eat what they made for snack and even bring some home! 

For the letter W we put fish and other sea creatures under the WATER.
Everyone had so much fun with this project.

Some of the best days are when the sun is shining brightly and we get to play with water out on the deck!

Take a look...

After learning about whales and watching the fish being fed at The Academy of Sciences Saparya did a little dance for us before snack time!

On the day of Chase's graduation all of the kids took turns going through the tunnel so that Chase could practice. 

It turned into a really fun game.

Even little Dylan loved making his way through!

Then 5 o'clock arrived and it was Chase's turn to venture through all on his own.

But Kim was there to greet him with a hug and present on the other side! 

All of his family and friends were so proud!

Our trip to The San Francisco Zoo was really lovely.
No one was scared of a single animal and they all had different favorites.

what a great day!

June was a very fun-filled month which is the perfect way to lead into our Summer Break!

We hope that you were all able to take some time off for a family vacation or that your little one has someone special to spend their days with while school is out.

We will see you all bright and early on Monday July 20th.

I am sure all of the kids will have missed their friends and will be excited to play with another and so we will dive right back into making joyful memories! 

Take care until then!