Thursday, May 29, 2014

June 2014 Newsletter

A Foggy Playground Day

How quickly our group will be changing. Summer is approaching and three of our students will be starting off at new schools soon. We have shared so many good times and I won't forget the little ones that move on, especially since they have been with me for so long. We look forward to lots of outdoor and field trip time this month and are happy that they might be able to join us for some. Here are some fun pictures to share with you of this past month.

The Little Mommy
Off to the Zoo
It's this way!

Jam Session

Observing the butterflies at the Academy of Science

Watching the fish from above

Her favorite place! The deck!



Cutest little bunny I've ever seen!

Ready to pounce!

What does the fox say?

She does all of her own stunts!
Birthday Fun!
Happy 2nd Birthday Kazu!
We are all going to miss you so much!

Happy 4th Birthday Mateo!

My Little Booger's last b-day w/ the Daycare.
Let's dig in!

Frosting Mushache

Cupcake Mustache

I think I just like the frosting.

Yum, me too.

Can I have another one?

Bubble Painting:

What a fun idea! We knew that this project might be a tricky one for the little ones to master but we were pleasantly surprised. All you need is a lid, straw, tempera paint, and a little bit of soap and water. Add a squirt of paint and dish soap together onto the lid and mix in a bit of water. The kids blow air through the straw making bubbles and they pop making fun splattered paint marks all over the paper. It was really fun to do and the painting were a bonus.
The Boys decided to just paint with the straws instead.

Friday, May 2, 2014

May 2014 Newsletter

Feeding the geese at Stow Lake
Some of our plants are starting to grow! We are still waiting to see if our zinnias will start to sprout but the johnny jump ups are as happy as can be, they might be going home soon (for their best interest, LOL, it's a miracle they have made it this far!) With the gorgeous weather we have been having please be prepared for little one to come home wet and dirty. We will be spending much time in the sun and water before this Frisco Fog decides to move on in and cool us down. Make sure there is a sun hat, sun screen, extra clothes, and friendly water shoes in your child's bag. Spontaneous outings are also possible now thanks to our new ride! Notices for spontaneous outing will be brought to your attention at drop offs in the morning ; )
Important Dates to Remember:
  • Monday May 19th - Kazu's 2nd Birthday
  • Tuesday May 20th - Mateo's 4th Birthday
  • Monday May 26th - Closed for Memorial Day

Snail Project

We learned about a few different bugs this past month. One that the kids were really excited about were the snails! We love how Chase says it, too, and Kazu just about screams every time he thinks he sees one! It's really cute.
The first think that we did was look at a book with a snail in it. We talked about the shell and how the snail used it for it's home. We also talked about our homes too and how they differ. We then talked about where a snail lives and what he likes to eat.

We applied glue to a paper plate.

Then we used squares of tissue to decorate the snail's shell.

After the shells were all done we added the snail's body and put an eye on him. Now they are ready to go play in the garden and find yummy plants to munch on.
Counting Flowers
We started this project out by reading a book about how flowers grow; Flower by Moira Butterfield. We have been learning about plants and flowers and this projects helped the kids get a better idea of what the seeds we sowed in the flower pots may look like after they grow.

As we went along we spoke about the parts of the flower.
Since the pipe cleaners we used for the stems were so stubborn we helped to reinforce them with some staples.

After the stems and the flowers were put into place we got the pollen ready for insects and birds to come feed upon.

We then counted out the buttons we wanted to place down for the pollen.

Rain Cloud Experiment
For this experiment you will need to fill up a glass jar 2/3rds of the way.

In a separate container mix your food coloring in with water.

Fill in the rest of the jar with shaving cream!

The using a dropper drop the colored water on the cloud. When the cloud can longer hold the liquid the rain will seep through.