Thursday, May 29, 2014

June 2014 Newsletter

A Foggy Playground Day

How quickly our group will be changing. Summer is approaching and three of our students will be starting off at new schools soon. We have shared so many good times and I won't forget the little ones that move on, especially since they have been with me for so long. We look forward to lots of outdoor and field trip time this month and are happy that they might be able to join us for some. Here are some fun pictures to share with you of this past month.

The Little Mommy
Off to the Zoo
It's this way!

Jam Session

Observing the butterflies at the Academy of Science

Watching the fish from above

Her favorite place! The deck!



Cutest little bunny I've ever seen!

Ready to pounce!

What does the fox say?

She does all of her own stunts!
Birthday Fun!
Happy 2nd Birthday Kazu!
We are all going to miss you so much!

Happy 4th Birthday Mateo!

My Little Booger's last b-day w/ the Daycare.
Let's dig in!

Frosting Mushache

Cupcake Mustache

I think I just like the frosting.

Yum, me too.

Can I have another one?

Bubble Painting:

What a fun idea! We knew that this project might be a tricky one for the little ones to master but we were pleasantly surprised. All you need is a lid, straw, tempera paint, and a little bit of soap and water. Add a squirt of paint and dish soap together onto the lid and mix in a bit of water. The kids blow air through the straw making bubbles and they pop making fun splattered paint marks all over the paper. It was really fun to do and the painting were a bonus.
The Boys decided to just paint with the straws instead.

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