Wednesday, May 2, 2012

May's Short and Sweet 2012 Newsletter

Examining and petting the flowers.

The flowers have bloomed, the bees are busy, the weather is warm and it's all being expeirenced. The deck hasn't seen this much action in months, with the weather being so inviting, the kids gravitate towards the doors. We've ditched the stroller behind on occasion, stopped to smell the roses, and have ventured out for fun. There is so much learning that takes place everyday, the kids' interest have really peaked and we are enjoying more group acvtivities. We are singing more as a group and exercing large motor muscles with games like "No more monkeys jumping on the bed", "Ring around the Rosies", and "Simon Says". Art was really popular last month and the kids have been fine tuning thier small motor muscles with crayons, paint brushes and stickers. This month we will continue to enjoy all of these activities and focus alittle more on sociallizing and working as a team.

Important Dates to Remember:     
  • May 13th - Mother's Day
  • May 20th - Mateo's 2nd Birthday
  • Mon. May 28th- Closed for Memorial Day
  • Tues. May 29th - Non-Mandated Furlough Day
  • (Please let me know if care is needed, otherwise we will be closed)

Taking turns going up the Tunnel Slide at the Children's Playground.

Kids' Schedule:

M - Claire, Sigal & Mateo
T - Sienna & Mateo
W - Sigal, Sienna & Mateo
Th - Claire & Mateo
F - Claire, Sienna & Mateo

All About Mateo:
With the Geese at Stow Lake.

Mateo is turning 2 this month, which may explain his cognitive growth spurt. He is currently very interested in using two word sentences and saying words with two or three syllables like: sit down, lay down, dirt bike, magenta, hat on, high chair, and cooking. He just started using the word "me" and "mine" the last few days. He grasp the concept of sharing, trading, taking turns, and next although sometimes he's just not ready. He is such a social bugs and always desires a buddy by his side to play with, he can be very pushy with his offers-which is his way of asking you to play with him, he is finding out that not everybody wants to do what he is doing all the time and is learing how to ask nicely with the sign for "please". He knows his shapes pretty well now along with his colors, we are working on counting and letters using songs, puzzles, books, and everyday interactions.

All About Claire:
Hugging the flowers.

Claire has been a nice addition, we are learning so much about her, making friends and learning how to respect them. Claire just started walking alittle more than a month ago and is catching on fast, she is all about moving about on her feet and climbing. We are working up some confidence to help her navigate through the day. She really like to be involved in all the activities we take part in and can be quite opinionated. She loves when we sing, she's chatty and i enjoy the mini conversations we have. She likes story time and being outside. She knows her colors, is interested in almost anything and is a little sponge waiting to soak it all up.

All About Sigal:
Siggy loaded up the truck and taking it for a drive.

Sigal is such a little observer, she likes to sit back, take it all in, and is very purposeful in her play. She loves books, art, and playing the group games. She loves to dance and sing - i love listiening to her try to sing "Twinkle Twinkle, Little Star" and can't help joining in. She is interested in letter, numbers, and shapes. Her vocabulary seems to be growing and she seems to be using more words than she does sign. She is more of a solo player right now but is engaging more with other in her play. I can see that she is getting comfortable in our environment and is less nervous around vistiors and parents droping off and picking up. She greets everyone that we meet on our walks and outings and is very sweet and loving.

All About Sienna:
Water play at the Bay Area Discovery Museum.

Miss Sienna has cut all of her molars without a fuss, just started taking unassisted steps, and his experimenting with cause and effect. She is very effectionate and loves to play with the other kids. She is very persistant and wants to be invloved in every way possible. She is becoming very strong willed and is testing the boundaries. She loves everything and anything that moves and can drive a car or truck around all day long, she has a great attention span for things she is interested in and cannot get enough of Little Foot. While Mateo her her main squeeze she is really interested in playing and interacting with the girls.

~ A Note From Kimberly

Thank you so much for trusting me and allowing me to put my heart and soul into caring for your children and mine. I am truely lucky to be able to a mother my child and teacher your's at the same time. I adore each and everyone and them, they teach me so much and keep a smile on my face. I love that I have the opportunity to get to know them so well and guide them through this very critical time in their lives. Together we are building the foundation they need to be strong, independent and successful members of our society.

Thank you ~ Kimberly

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