Tuesday, March 27, 2012

April's Short and Sweet 2012 Newsletter

Woo hoo, Spring is here! I can not tell you how excited I am about the warm sun, flowers, and wildlife to see. I look forward to enjoying the outdoors and some fun activities with the kids this month. I am also really excited about a new student. Please welcome, 16 month old Claire, to Little Foot. She will be starting the week of the 16th and will be with us on Mondays, Thursdays and Fridays. We will also have a special guest, Kylie (Kaitlyn's big sister), with us the week of the 9th.

I want to Congratulate Travis & Jeanine on the purchase of their house in Livermore! Although, I am so sad that they are moving, I am really happy for them and wish them all the happiness and luck with this new transition in their lives. We will miss Shane so much and look forward to pictures and updates in the future.

Important Dates to Remember:

Fri. the 6th- Furlough Day (Please let me know if you need care this day, otherwise we will be closed)

Sun. the 8th- Happy Easter!

All about Shane:
With his new crawling skills, Shane has been busy rediscovering our play space. He is so happy moving from one place to the next on his own that he has also discovered a strong will for independence. He has his own agenda now and won't , or at least he thinks, be interrupted. He's been so chatty lately, babbling to himself and others. Recently, while using my finger for support, he stood there in front of me just babbling away swaying back and forth to music I couldn't hear. He is too much, I just want to eat him up. I'm going to miss that cute little voice, his dance moves and giant smile.

All about Sienna:
Sienna is getting so close to walking, her confidence is strengthening and she shows it by standing all on her own ( w/o holding on to anything). She is very much into to dumping and loading and will go about throwing toys as far as she can. In the past month she has traded in her bottle for a straw cup and is very happy with her finger foods.

All About Sigal:
I'm so pleased about Sigal's transition into Little Foot. She's making friends, working up an appetite, naps well, and is happy and comfortable with us. She has taught us a few new signs, enjoys books and music as much as we all do, and is a great addition to the group. Sigal and Claire are already neighbors but I know they will become such great freinds now that they have each other at Little Foot.

Kaitlyn and Mateo:
These two have really become a team, from setting the table together to pretend play, they are getting closer. Kaitlyn has been happier and tantrum free this past month. She's learning how to be patient with the little ones and finds pleasure in interacting with them. We are learning that babies aren't bad, and are learning new things everyday. Mateo really looks up to Kaitlyn and wants to be included in the activities that she enjoys. We are re-visiting the idea of using the potty and he is interested. In March we played a pretend restaurant game that continues to get more creative and we have been practicing for Easter Egg Hunting.

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