Tuesday, February 28, 2012

March's Short and Sweet 2012 Newsletter

Get ready to spring forward this month, it's time for daylight savings. Speaking of savings, I sure wish everyone luck with the approaching tax season, shamrocks bring us luck! On another note, please welcome 16 month old Sigal to Little Foot, she will be with us on Monday and Wednesdays and may occasionally add Fridays. I plan on having an aid on days when I have all five children.

Important Dates to Remember:

Sun. 11th- Daylight Saving Time

Fri. 16th- Furlough Day (please let me know if you need care this day otherwise we will be closed)

Sun. 17th- Happy St. Patrick's Day

Mon. 26th thru Fri. 30th-(Closed)Spring Break

Tue. 27th- Sienna's 1st Birthday!

All About Kaitlyn:
It has been really great having Kaitlyn with us, she can be a really big help, is fun to be with, and is really sweet with the little ones. I am working on mentally, emotionally, cognitively preparing her for a larger group. She is very easy going and is eager to please. I call her my little gem because she's a very proud lil' helper. She enjoys puzzles, story time and playing house.

All About Mateo:
Mateo had a very physical month. We are really working on expressing our excitement, disappiontment and anger. unfortunately he has really picked up on hitting and pulling hair, Oy vay! It has been very frustrating for him not to have a playmate his own age, so I am very pleased about Sigal starting this month. He is still the very sweet, effectionate and compassionate little guy but I can't wait for this phase to be over.

All about Sienna:
Can you believe this beautiful girl is turning 1 this month?! Why just the other day she was 5 months old in her favorite "airplane" position, lol. She has learned so much year and is very much like the Energizer Bunny, happy as a clam and keeps going and going and going. This month she has really taken an interest in Shane and his hair, lol. Happy Birthday, Sienna!

All about Shane:
Guess who learned how to crawl and pull himself up?! You got it, it's Shane! He's been getting around by rolling and crawling a bit here and there but I just recently saw a really exciting video of him and he surely has it now, Thank you, Jeanine! Aside from being very physical Shane has also been very observant and has taken a liking to Kaitlyn. He watches her in awe at the lunch table and once successfully rolled out of the Bumbo to get closer to hear. No worries, I was right there with him, he now has a tray to keep him and Kaitlyn safe and secure.

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