Thursday, August 2, 2012

August 2012 Newsletter

Claire & Mateo taking care of Monkey.

We slowed down in July to get to know Baby Tyson and Monica. I believe that things always happen for a reason and I am pleased to have had a light month. Sienna has been home for the summer, and although we miss her, it has given us time to adjust to the new dynamics. We introduced Tyson and Monica to some of our favorite places and activities. Miles visited us earlier in the month and Sienna and Heather accompanied us to the Bay Area Discovery Museum. We focused a little bit more on numbers and letters and have been getting messy with water play and glue. This month we would like to introduce, 3 Month old, Kazu to Little Foot; he will be joining us in the middle of the month!

Boys and their toys!

Claire & Mateo playing in the water, Tyson catches a starfish.

Important Dates to Come:

Closed: Fri. September 21st & Mon. September 24th.....?  My family and I have been invited to go camping this weekend, which trails from Friday-Monday, and we would really like to go. Considering that we only have 2 children who attend on Monday, arrangements with Monica can be made. However, due to the numbers on Friday, accommodations will not be available. This trip would be considered our Summer Vacation, I understand that Friday might be a tricky request.....Please let me know if this request can be made possible, or if an earlier pick-up (3pm) would work best for you. Thank you

Claire, Mateo & Sienna @ B.A Discovery Museum
All About Tyson: This Cutie Pie has been adjusting so well considering his move from Miami! After a few short visits he decided that it was time to crawl and get to know his new environment. He is such a happy baby and you can tell by that huge smile on his face. He has been very busy, is welcomed by the other children, and it feels like he has been with us all along.

All About Sigal: Green! It must be her favorite color or just the excitement of a new word, but for now everything is green. Sigal's vocabulary is growing everyday, it's really great to hear her talking with the other children and sing. She is very motherly and definitely knows right from wrong. I can see her being very attentive to the other children in the future. She has been very involved in dramatic play, feeding her baby, changing them, reading to them and putting them to sleep.
Sigal feeding her baby while reading her a story.

Going for a boat ride!

All About Claire: Can you guess who is becoming more stable on  her feet and who is even trying to make a run for it? If you guessed Claire, you are so right. Claire is becoming very comfortable on her feet, she has really been working on those large motor skills, just recently she climbed an impressive amount of stairs (Aerial Street Stairs). We have also been experimenting with some tactile play. In the past Claire has been really sensitive to some tactile stimulation, but with gentle encouragement she is able to paint with a paint brush, use glue, and climb in the turtle for water play.
Claire taking her baby for a stroll!
All About Mateo: Terrible twos, need I say more? All day long i fell like I'm saying No, Stop, Come Here, Give that back and so on. But at the end of the day, all this little booger needs is Mommy. I apologize in advance for any behavior this little one exerts. He has also been such a busy guy, we started a potty chart this month for him and in no time I'm sure we'll be ditching the diapers. He is cutting one of his 2yr old molars and his vocabulary has tripled in the last two months. He is now speaking in full sentences, although grammar will soon follow.

Sigal & Mateo making bubble water.

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