Wednesday, December 2, 2015

December's 2015 Pictureless Newsletter

It's that time of year again, that busy time of year, with just one month left before 2016. We focused so much of our time being crafty here at Little Foot this past month, we were so busy that we forgot to take pictures!! Can you believe that!? I know, I know. I wish we could share some snap shots with you but we promise to snap some pictures to share with you this month. Instead of snap shots I would like to share some upcoming news with you.

First, I would really like to thank Elizabeth for all of her hard work and dedication to Little Foot. She stepped into Little Foot ready to steer into bumpy terrain and cruise into calmer waters and that is just what she has done these last months. The children truly adore her and I am so grateful for her time and energy. While I was on Maternity Leave and juggling new baby and business at the same time, Elizabeth took hold of the newsletter and did a fantastic job. I looked back at all the newsletters and she really did a fine job of keeping you all informed and she shared some great moments with you. Thank you Elizabeth!

You should all know that we have a set of early graduates. That's right. January will be the last month for our friends Anna and Mila. Both girls have been with Little Foot for over and just about 2 years. They have grown and learned so much while with us and they have taught me so much in return. We will really really miss them and are so happy that their baby siblings will or have already joined us. I am also really excited for the girls to begin their next journey at Preschool. I am proud to say that they will both be attending a preschool that I taught at for 5 years before opening Little Foot.

Our group of kids will be changing. The next generation of Little Foot kids will be forming in February. We are still working on schedules for Baby Casper and Baby Spencer, who will be with us 2 or 3 days a week. We will also most likely have some graduates later this Summer. If you have tried to get through our phone line, I apologize, we are having some phone difficulties that should be resolved soon. Please e-mail us at for inquiries. We will be enrolling children 2 years or older this Fall. Stay tuned!


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