Thursday, October 1, 2015

October 2015 Newsletter

September was full of numbers, letters, and shapes here at Little Foot!

Not only did the kids work creatively during project time, but throughout the day Kimberley has also been pulling them aside individually to begin teaching them how write!

Most of them have conquered A and 1. There B’s are also starting to look like a B!

It is incredible to watch how excited they become when they look down to see that their shape looks like the example.

As always, when they learn something new they can’t wait to show their Mommies and Daddies and so we hope you are enjoying their excitement about writing as well.

On the 15th we introduced them to measurements by finding out how tall everyone is. They also counted how many blocks tall they are. Then we traced their bodies and let them color themselves in!

On the 22nd they learned about squares. They each cut out their own squares, in many different colors, and then made a pretty picture out of the shape they had just learned about!   

on the 10th we did an ocean project. It was great to be able to talk to them about all of the sea creatures that they see in cartoon form within their books. We brought out books for older kids, and side by side with the books they know and love, we showed them what the real-life version looked like! Then they made their ocean in a bottle. We hope they are still enjoying making waves as they turn it upside down!

We also went to The Academy of Science and The Zoo! Field-trips always make for wonderful days. There is so much stimulation and excitement when they get to travel and learn with their friends!

The weather has begun to change and so this month has also been full of projects, games, songs, and talks about Autumn. 

All of the games that involve the changing leaves are out at Little Foot. The dress up clothes have also been out for some time now and as you've all seen; they can't seem to get enough of playing make-believe with dresses, hats, and gloves! 

You can expect more fall projects next month and of course all kinds of spooky Halloween fun! 

Theresa and Lavina are also now part of our group and the older kids love playing with them and giving them kisses! And the babies are always so happy to play with them as well! 

Theresa is loving it at Little Foot! 
And we're loving her too! 

Lavina is a bit to young to interact yet, but she does love watching all of fun take place around her!

                         Learning about measurements! 

Kimberly found out how tall everyone is by having them stand against the wall and using the measuring tape. 

Then they stacked the colorful blocks and found out how many blocks tall they are.

And then the tracing began! Juliet's pigtails even showed up in her outline! They all had a blast seeing their bodies shape and then coloring it in. 

Anna did the project a few days later and she invited all of her friends to color in her body!  


First their was a talk about shapes and what makes a square a square.

And then they cut and glued!  

                                     Ocean in a Bottle!

           We talked about the the ocean and all of the creatures that live within it! 

                                                    They added the water...

And then the oil...

And the waves started crashing!

                              Other September Activities.. 

            Fun-filled learning at The Academy of Science!

Anna's 3rd birthday!!! 

Z is for Zoo!

             We hope you all had a lovely September.You can look forward to your                             little ones bringing home all kinds of fun projects in October!

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