Tuesday, August 4, 2015

August 2015 Newsletter

It appears that all of the little ones enjoyed their summer vacations! There were treks taken across the country and abroad and two of our friends are moving houses; one within San Francisco and the other to one of our neighboring states. It’s a real pleasure to hear about each of their adventures from their sweet and innocent perspectives.

July was a very short month at Little Foot and there were again transitions to be made. Although everyone wishes they had a few more days with their Mommies and Daddies, as suspected they were all very happy to spend time with their friends again. It’s so heartwarming to watch how much they truly care for one another.

We are pleased to say that our baking projects have been a huge success! There is a lot of sensory learning that takes place while each child adds and mixes the ingredients. I have also witnessed pride in their eyes as they eat what they’ve made and offer it to their families.

Most of their glass containers have now been made. However, they were a trickery project than imagined. It ended up that they spent more than a couple of days creating these keepsakes. They will begin being sent home with a weekly treat by the end of this month!

For August’s projects we plan to continue with the baking, add an on-going gardening project, and get back to our numbers and letters! The weather has been so absolutely beautiful that our calendar is also full of walks, bug hunts, and other outside activities.

On Thursday July 30th we said farewell to Dylan who is moving to Portland. His amazing demeanor and cute little scoot made saying goodbye to him a great challenge for all of us. However, with lots of hugs and kisses our group thanked him for being a part of our lives and wished him well into his future!

We were all excited for Kimberley to have a few months off with her new baby, but the months have passed and we can all begin looking forward to welcoming her back at the start of next month!

We are also thrilled to share with you that Lala will be continuing on with us! She has formed a great relationship with each of the kids as well as with each of us. Let’s be thankful not to have to say farewell!

We wish you all a happy August, and you can be certain that we will be having fun filled days here at Little Foot!

Our good friend Mila made an appearance for a week in-between her travels!
The kids were absolutely ecstatic to see her! 

Always so cute in her pigtails! 

Luna is there to keep an eye on us!

There is always so much love being shared. 

This was our first baking project...
Zucchini muffins!

Park Play! 

We will miss you Dylan!!! 

This was the final round of painting their keepsakes. It took a couple of tries to find paint that didn't wash off! They had so much fun!

Like all of the kids, Anna missed her Mommy a ton the first few days back, but within a couple of hours she was happy to share her beautiful smile, as well as other funny faces, with the camera! 

Such lucky kiddo's to have a view like this while they play!

Take care everyone!!!

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