Thursday, April 30, 2015

May 2015 Newsletter

We have been busy this past month with Spring projects and getting settled in with the transitions that are taking place at Little Foot. Our transitional journey, like most and respectfully expected, have been up and down. We said good-bye to Monica which was really hard on everybody; we had a really nice party in her honor and met our new teacher's Trina and Elizabeth.

Trina has been with us for the past few weeks now and most of the kids are settling in. We still have just a couple who need a bit more time but pretty soon they will also settle in and feel more comfortable with the change. Elizabeth has introduced herself to Little Foot and we look forward to having her join us gradually this month.

Important Dates to Remember: 

  • Wednesday, May 20th - Mateo's 5th Birthday
  • Monday, May 25th - Closed for Memorial Day

Playdough with Trina:

Our First Project with Trina!

The kids made playdough with Katrina. We all took turns adding the ingredients to the bowl.

We even took turns smelling it too!
It did not smell like banana bread, our last activity, that was such a big hit.
After the playdough was made, we counted out 15 pipe cleaners that we used for candles.

Saparya working on her cake.

Juliet doing a really good job placing them on the 15.

After most of the kids were done, we had one who hadn't had enough ; )

Flower Garden Collage:

Elizabeth joined us .

We have been talking a lot about how plants grow. We planted seeds and are waiting patiently for leaves to sprout and flowers to bud and bloom. We have one pot that has already sprouted, but none of the others have, so we might be planting again soon.
Lots of concentration.

With this project we learned that each flower either has nectar or pollen and we talked about how the birds, bees and the butterflies like to come and drink, eat or collect the pollen.


We just started on our caterpillars. We read a book about the caterpillars story and introduced metamorphosis, that change that happens with butterflies and frogs, too! Next week we will prepare some wings for the caterpillars to grow and we will also wrap them in their cocoons.

Chase liked the colors on the top.

Anna liked the colors all over and did a really thorough job.

Saparya was a little less interested in the colors on her caterpillar, she just really wanted to paint.

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