Friday, February 22, 2013

March 2013 Newsletter

Babies taking care of babies.

Spring is almost here! Hurray! It's time to make sure that your little one has sunscreen in their bag, a nice brimmed sun hat to keep the sun out of their eyes, an extra pair of clothes and maybe a pair of sandals you don't mind them hopping into the kiddie pool with. As the weather warms up we will be getting out more often, waking up our bodies from these long hibernating days spent inside with the warmth from the heater. I have to say that Spring is my favorite season in San Francisco. It's warm, sunny and beautiful - a big tease with the expectation that Summer will be just as nice if not even warmer, which I find is not true- one of the best times of the year spent with the kids.

Estrella, working up confidence and visiting the kids.
February came and went just like that. We learned about Chinese New Year and Valentine's Day, had a great time at the playground, enjoyed many days of music and spent a lot of time working on letters and acting out different animals and verbs.

Important Dates to Remember:
  • March 25th-29th-Closed for Spring Break
  • Wednesday, March 27th-Sienna's 2nd Birthday
Summer Break: As you may know, summer break dates are not yet planned for the calendar. In recent years, I have offered year round care with a day here or there during the summer as a break. This year I would really like a 2 week break, either one in July and August or just two weeks in a row. Please let me know if you have been thinking about vacations plans so that I can make Summer Break around yours ; )

Good Times:
Excited about Superbowl Sunday!

Kazu making his rounds, working on using those knees.

Tyson's new love.

Mateo and Claire playing "fishing", Kazu and Sienna can be fish, lol.

Sienna with her baby.

Claire and Tyson playing in the drawer.

Beep Beep!

Just a little bit higher.

Wow, Tyson, you did it!

Kazu propping himself up on his knees more.
 Chinese New Year:
For Chinese New Year the kids learned about the the chinese lion dance, the dragon, and mirrors. They also painting the lanterns hanging in this picture, just the first coat of paint.

Valentine's Day:
Handmade envelopes for the little ones.

Valentine party with cupcakes!!
We spent many days working on valentines for our friends, some of us made valentines for our family. We read Clifford We Love You, Clifford's First Valentines Day, Froggy's First Kiss, and Curious George Valentine's Day.

Playground Day:
Kazu, Mateo, Sienna and Claire on the spinning-ma-jiggeer.

Tyson walking the plank.

Tay in the Sand Box.

Sienna walking under the lowest part of the spider web.

Sienna waiting for Tyson to come up the slide.

Sigal and Mateo

Sigal coming down the slide..

Mateo and Tyson

Sienna sliding down on her tummy.

Friends on the slide.

Going back for more.

Claire driving, Tay on the move.

Kazu really likes the slide, the swing, not so much.

Sigal in the sandbox.

Tyson in the sandbox.

Claire, happy on the spinning-ma-jigger.
Whipped Cream Fun:
Tyson is ready...

he likes it...
Sienna is getting it to it...

feeling the cream out...

Tyson is all done.
Sienna likes using the brush.

Hey, look at this!

Claire is not so sure...


wow, this is awesome...

he enjoyed brushing it...

Claire tried the brushing technique too...

then Tay tried using his hands only...

he really liked it!

A big fun mess! No, I don't have it in my hair or on my face, lol.

Kazu's turm!


What is it?

Hee hee, it's squissy.

Let's try that again...

I like it!

Let's smear it...


Let's taste it!


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