Tuesday, September 18, 2012

October 2012 Newsletter

Water play for Sigal, Tyson, Mateo & Claire 
Yay, October is here! This is my favorite month of the year with the kids, there is so much to do and it's the perfect time to share it with you. Now that we have three 2 year olds, I thought we could spice things up and start to focus a little more on curriculum. Be on the look out for our first take home calendar full of activities, homework and scheduled field trips. Yes, I did say homework, but it's not what you think. That time will come soon enough when the kids are older. Our homework may be something that you will need to bring, wear, or share. It will be a fun way to get keep track of what to look forward to at Day Care.

Important Dates to Remember: 
  • Closed Monday, Oct. 8th Columbus Day
  • Wed. Oct. 17th Pumpkin Patch Field Trip
  • October 27th, Kimberly's 30th Birthday
  • October 29th, Monica's 27th Birthday
  • Wed. Oct. 31st Trick or Treating Trip!

Tyson & Sienna                                                    
                                                New Discoveries & Accomplishments:             ~ Kazu can roll from back to tummy ~ Tyson transitioned from 2 naps to 1 ~ Sienna is building on her vocabulary ~ Sigal made pee pee on the potty ~ Claire learns to use words with friends ~ Tyson cut his third tooth ~ Mateo completes some new puzzle cards ~ Sienna learns how hard it is to share~ Tyson is walking at 10 months! ~ Mateo discovered the difference between genders ~ Kazu can rock himself in the bouncy chair
                                                                                            Music Group:

Little Foot and Early Bird have decided to enrich our programs together with JAMaROO Kids Music Classes. Our class will begin at 9:45am Friday mornings alternating between Little Foot's and Early Bird's location. We have two music classes that we will be alternating as well: JAMaROO Kids Music Class and JAMaROO Kids Music & Movement Class.

 "JAMaROO Kids Music Class is designed to help children discover the joy of music. Many activities in this class will promote cognitive development through the use of numbers, colors, shapes, and letters. Music provides children with a creative outlets for self expression."

"JAMaROO Kids Music & Movement Class is designed so children can work on coordination, balance, flexibility, strength, spacial awareness and positive body image through fantasy play and games. Activities will help children to develop fine and gross motor skills. The goal of this class is for each child to find their own pleasure through music and movement while being exposed to different styles of dance and music from around the world.

Hanging out at the Swing at GGHP

 5 Little Pumpkins Song

 5 Little pumpkins sitting on a gate
 The first one says "O my, it's getting late!"
 The second one says "There are witches in the air!"
 The third one says "But we don't care!"
 The fourth one says "Let's run, let's run!"
 The fifth one says "It's Halloween Fun!"
 And then, "Whoosh" went the wind
 And out went the light.
 Those five little pumpkins rolled out of sight.
Kazu snuggling with his bear
We have planned two festive field trips this month:

  • Clancy's Pumpkin Patch on 7th Ave. and Lawton St.
We plan to leave around 9:45am. Please provide Kimberly with $5 when you sign in for the day for a small pumpkin and a hayride. Parents are welcomed to join.

  • Trick or Treat at the merchant shops in Noe Valley                                                                              
We'll parade down 24th Street visiting the local shops for goodies in our costumes. I'm are still waiting for more information on when the merchants in Noe Valley will be begin to hand out treats, they started at noon last year. Costumes, a loot bag or basket and parents are welcomed.

Sigal and Mateo on the seesaw!

Goblin Poem

Red goblins, yellow goblins
Blue and green
These are the scariest I ever have seen
Stomping along the streets, Knocking at each door.
 It looks to me, like Halloween, has come once more.                                      

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