Tuesday, October 25, 2011

November 2011 Newsletter

Our Scarecrow! Scary?

Time is flying by. Nights will be getting longer, the days shorter, and families will be coming together. Get ready to turn your clocks back and gain some winter weight, LOL. With all the chaos of the holidays to come let's not forget the importance of family and how really dear they are to us. Little Foot may have suffered some loses but we are growing closer each and everyday.

 Important Dates to Remember:
  • Tues. Nov. 1st- All Saints Day (open)
  • Wed. Nov. 2nd- El Dia De Los Muertos (open)
  • Sun. Nov. 6th- Clocks fall back 1 Hr
  • Fri. Nov. 11th- Closed for Veteran's Day
  • Wed. Nov. 23rd - Fri. Nov. 25th- Closed for Thanksgiving Break

Congratulations to Sienna! What big strides she is taking, not only is she sitting up all by herself now but
Happy to finally meet
 she has also cut two teeth and has been introduced to some yummy suppers. What a lucky girl, and just in time for pumpkin pie. Sienna has settled into Daycare with little to no adjustments. She is very engaging and even though she can be very serious at times she can be quite the chatter box. She loves to fall asleep face down on her face but has traded in her once loved airplane tummy position, preferring to sit up like a big girl to play. She watches Camilla and Mateo's every move with curiosity and happily excepts their offers, but don't get too close she likes her space!
Shane is also adjusting well to Little Foot although transitioning back home is a tricky balance. Shane is a very opinionated one and knows exactly what he could do without. He loves so be cozy and have all eyes on him. He likes to be apart of what's going on but also likes to observe from a distance. Shane just learned how to roll onto his side where he can reach for colorful objects and naw on them without them escaping his grasp. He's also managed to roll all the way over onto his tummy, his arms get trapped under his body which isn't much fun, but each time he does it it gets less scary. I'm sure he'll be doing push ups in no time!

Recuperating with Spunky after surgery.
 Mateo's surgery went very well. We woke up bright and early and went straight to the hospital to get ready. I was worried about food and drinks, the first thing Mateo wants to do when he wakes is eat and drink, but he was so distracted that it wasn't an issue. All of the nurses and Dr.s were very kind and thorough. Our biggest surprise was having my very first nanny client, Gretchen Wengenroth, in the operating room. I started caring for Miles when he was 9 months old and he is now 10! Talk about how time flies, am I really that old? LOL Mateo's procedures only took about an hour, he woke up from the anesthesia without any problems and after a few hours of napping he was ready to eat and play.

In the past month Mateo has really learned and acknowledged a lot. He has acknowledge that babies are different, they can't eat food, walk, and need gentle interactions. He cares for the babies very much and will try to console them when they are unhappy by patting their back, stroking their head (sometimes face, haha) and getting them a toy to play with. He has tried to bottle feed them, too. His interest in verbal language has really sprouted, here are some of the words he is working on: Ball, Broom, Thank You, Up, Off, On, Out, Meow, Mama, Dada, No. Here are some of his new signs: Please, Drink, Help, Open, Close. He has also discovered his belly button, nipples, eyes, ears, nose, nostrils and hair. The other day he pulled his shirt over his head (after I helped put it on his head) and then put his arms through the sleeves by himself!

Learning how to clean up.
I'm so happy to tell you that we have Camila for one more week! We anticipated Camila's last days were to be at the end of October, but we get her for the 1st week of November before she leaves this country for good on the 15th. Camila started Little Foot when she was 9 months old. When she began she was getting around by crawling, she had no teeth, and she wasn't speaking. I am so honored to have had the opportunity to watch her grow and have her be my little guy's best friend. I'm so glad that she was able to meet my 2 yr old niece, Kayla. Some new words Camila's has been using: Shoe, Baby, Cracker, Off and No.Over the past few months Camila has discovered and developed so much. We are look forward to pictures and updates from Panema.             

Camila and Ciello on her first day.
 Speaking of losses, our beloved 5 yr old cat Ciello past away unexpectedly on October 15th. We adopted him when he was an itty bitty thing no bigger than your hand. He was too young to take home so we had to wait patiently for two whole weeks just to bring him home, he was 8 weeks old. Ciello was very effectionate from the start, he loved to cuddle up to you and be carried by your face. He was so small that we were afraid to let him round Luna and Estrella who are two years older than he.  It was quite awhile before we actually introduced them to each other but once we did we could see who wanted to be alpha. We still remember when he pranced around the house sideways with the fur from his neck down to his back standing straight up. After his first two years he finally settled down at night and began to cuddle up with us in bed and sleep. Anybody who has raised a kitten knows exactly what I'm talking about when I say our nights were finally peaceful agian. LOL Ciello was an extremely great cat and we are so fortunate to have had him in our lives and in the meet Mateo. This dog-cat as we called him, was so sweet, he would greet us at the door, follow you all around the house and watch over Mateo and the other children in the house. We miss him, and no other kitty will ever fill our hearts as much as he did.                  

May you R.I.P Ciello.

The Holiday season is right around the cornor! Let's not forget about the POA (Police Officer Association) and their "Parade of Stars" show on Sunday December 18, 2011 at the McKenna Theatre at S.F State University. Aprogram benifitting the POA and PAL (Police Athlectic League) a program dedicated to children and their communities by bringing activities and sports into their lives. Officers put their lives on the line for us everyday so let's support them in their efforts by contributing $10 which will help to send a less than fortunate family of five to this event in our place.

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